What is the temperature range?
- adjustable temperature from 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
How long does it take to reach max heating?
- max heating within 30 seconds
Do I need to plug it in using the charging cord before I can use it on my hair?
- No, our Mini Cordless Flat Iron is just that, Cordless! The only time you need to plug in your flat iron would be to charge it, charges provided in the box. You do not need to have the flat iron plugged in to use it on your hair. 
What are the dimensions of the Mini Cordless Flat Iron? 
- approximately 21 x 3.4 x 3.6cm (L/W/H) 
How long does the iron stay hot?
- Up to 40 minutes to 3 hours of operation , however the iron will automatic shut down if not being used within the first 20 minutes of being powered on. So don't worry about forgetting to turn it off and overheating. 
How long does it take to charge?
- full battery within 1 to 3 hours 
Does the iron have to be charged in order to charge my phone?
- No, your SleekPRO Styler does not need to be fully charged in order to charge your phone. 
Will the travel case burn if I don't let the iron cool down before putting it into my purse?
- No, the travel case is heat resistant. It will not burn.